Discover our complete range of money market solutions aiming to address institutional & corporate investors’ treasury and cash management needs: liquidity, transparency, security and performance consistency².


Why money market strategies?

Institutional and corporate clients: benefits of investing in money market strategies


  • Interest rate risk hedging allowings them to move in line with central banks rate hikes
  • A source of investment diversification of investments across securities and by issuer
  • Immediate liquidity, reduced duration and protection against volatility of other asset classes
  • Regulatory and active risk management frameworks offering liquidity and security to investments
  • Short-term investment solutions integrating sustainable criteria at the core of their strategy

Why money market strategies?

Sustainable criteria,regulatory and active risk management,diversification and immediate liquidity are at the core of their strategy.

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Our treasury offer enables investors to manage your risk and optimise your returns by choosing the optimal solution for cash according to your investment horizon

Choose the optimal solution for cash according to your investment horizon

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in money market management in Europe in euros³

€224 bn

in AuM¹
11% of Amundi’s AuM

>30 years

of liquidity fund management experience

Leading the way in treasury management for over 30 years:

We offer a comprehensive range of euro and US dollar money market funds aiming to address investors’ needs: liquidity, transparency, security and performance consistency2. With an investment horizon of 1 day, 1 month, 6 months or more.

We provide customised solutions which take into account investors’ specific investments objectives and guidelines such as advisory, partnership and dynamic approach.

Our philosophy is based on a conservative approach. Our standards are reflected in our unwavering search of investment security. We follow structured and disciplined investment processes to maximise the performance of funds according to security constraints.

Risk management is at the heart of our investment process. We focus on quality risk management, limiting risk all along our management value chain.

We rely on a rigorous ESG analysis of companies in which we invest and in a committed voting policy. All our funds comply with SFDR’s article 8 or 9 and are labelled by independent organisations.

Our experienced investment teams are fully supported by talented in-house resources composed of strategists, economists, analysts, traders, risk managers, investment specialists, ESG experts, etc.

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1 Source: Amundi figures as of 31/03/2024
2 Amundi’s treasury management funds/sub-funds do not offer a guarantee of capital or performance. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.
3 Source: Broadridge - End of December 2023 - Open-ended Funds domiciled in Europe and in euros only.