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Social Investing is gaining momentum among investors as a solution to fight inequality. We believe that investing in the social and solidarity economy today will be a source of profitability tomorrow.

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Exploring perceptions
of equal opportunity

Understanding how people perceive equal opportunities is crucial

Promoting social mobility and equality of opportunity remains an important challenge for OECD countries. It is therefore critical to understand citizens’ perceptions on social risks and on the role of institutions and market players in providing everyone with equal chances to succeed in life.

To explore people’s perceptions of equal opportunity, the OECD, with our supportincluded a module on “opportunities” in the 2022 wave of the OECD Risks that Matter survey. This module targeted the general population across 27 OECD countries with a sample of approximately 1,000 respondents per country, stratified by sex, age group, education level, income level, and employment status.

In particular, the Opportunities module collected evidence on the following thematic areas identified as lacking comparable information:

  • the relative importance of different aspects of inequality;
  • people’s views on the role of effort and factors beyond people’s control in shaping inequality of opportunity; and
  • people’s views of the role different actors play in reducing inequality and of the type of policies and actions to prioritise.

Data collection on these topics greatly contributes to fill existing evidence gaps on issues that are at the core of the public debate in many OECD countries.

Before discovering the main findings of the Opportunities module, take this poll to compare your perceptions of equal opportunity to the OECD average.

Integrating the social pillar into your investments

Supporting social investment across all asset classes

In line with our commitment to supporting sustainable investment across all asset classes, we have developed a range of social investment strategies. These date back to 2013 with the launch of the Finance and Solidarity strategy and later a dedicated social bond strategy supporting the expansion of this nascent market.

We are committed to spearheading the development of the social agenda globally, through sophisticated integration of social issues across all main asset classes: fixed income, equity, and non-listed assets.

  • Social Bonds: Supporting the post-pandemic recovery and long-term inclusive growth by promoting socially impactful issuers
  • Just Transition for Climate: Setting corporates on a path to a 2°C trajectory without leaving anyone behind
  • Private Public Partnerships: Providing financing for inclusive, resilient post-Covid-19 recovery in emerging markets.

  • Social Impact: Encouraging companies with the best social practices and participating in the reduction of inequalities
  • Education: Supporting global strategy investing in a whole ecosystem centred around lifelong education

Our Impact Investing team specialises in Private Impact Investing across Europe, and manages the largest Social Impact Investing strategy in France.

Watch the video to know more about our Social Bonds strategy

Social Bonds

Discover more through the annual impact report on our Social Bonds strategy:

  • 2023-09-26
    Amundi Social Bonds - Annual impact Report 2022
  • 2022-08-04
    Amundi Social Bonds - Annual impact Report 2021

Improving social practices through engagement

Committed to Long-Term Value and Inclusion


Through our stewardship activity, we seek to accompany the transition towards a sustainable, inclusive and low-carbon economy while driving long-term value for our client’s portfolios.

Improving social practices through engagement


Market Initiatives

Leading the way in Social and Sustainability-Linked Bonds

We are at the forefront of development and research on Social and Sustainability-linked bonds, and publish key research pieces to lead the discussion

Member of the Social Bond Principles Executive Committee since 2017

We have  been a member of the Social Bond Principles Executive Committee since 2017 and co-chaired the ICMA Social Bond Working Group for two consecutive editions

Participation in the creation of the French Chapter in 2020 of a 30% Club campaign

The 30% Club is a global campaign taking action to increase gender diversity at board and senior management levels. Sharing this commitment, we participated in the creation of the French Chapter in 2020.

Signatory since 2018 of The Platform for Living Wage Financials, an alliance of investors encouraging companies to address inadequate pay issues.

The Platform Living Wage Financials is an alliance of investors encouraging companies to address inadequate pay issues. We have been a signatory since 2018.

Active supporter of the Access to Medicine Foundation Since 2010

Since 2010, we have been an active supporter of the Access to Medicine Foundation, an independent non-profit organization with the mission to encourage pharmaceutical companies to do more for people living in low and middle-income countries.

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