Emerging Markets

Discover our research-driven approach to emerging markets. Explore our cross-asset capabilities across fixed income and equity.

Emerging markets at amundi

A unique proposition in emerging markets

We aim to create alpha and effectively manage drawdowns through integrated risk management and customised investment tools.


Our investment insights are based on multiple perspectives:

  • Macro analysis: Fundamental analysis, a cornerstone of EM investing
  • Research-led approach: Unified credit and equity capabilities
  • Responsible investing: Integrated in research and portfolio management
  • Portfolio construction: Aiming for optimal risk-adjusted returns
  • Risk management: Focused on drawdown and liquidity management

A unique proposition in emerging markets

Amundi' applies a research-led approach to investing in Emerging Markets, across both equity and fixed income.

Our key differentiators

€ 41.6 bn

in AuM¹


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Our cross asset solutions in emerging markets

We explore opportunities across asset classes through a broad approach across the EM universe.

We explore opportunities across asset classes through a broad approach across the EM universe.  

Source: Amundi Asset Management as of June 2024. For illustrative purpose only, may be subject to change without prior notice.

Our equity capabilities


  • Broad exposure to EM equities
  • Top-down and bottom-up investment approach
  • Focus on qualitative evaluation, liquidity, and risk management
  • Access to small-midcaps and off-benchmark stocks


  • Targeted opportunities in regions like Asia ex Japan, CEEMEA (including MENA), and Latin America
  • Fundamental investment approach
  • Risk-conscious strategies with access to small-midcaps and off-benchmark stocks


  • Investments in high-growth countries
  • Focus on economies benefiting from a growing middle-class

Our equity capabilities globally,regionally and per country

Amundi's EM significant expertise by segment - equities

Our fixed income capabilities

Our fixed income capabilities: blend&aggregate, hard currency sovereign,local currency,credit,short term,flexible multi sector

  • Blend & eggregate: Dynamic EM fixed income asset allocation with "full cycle" management.
  • Hard Currency Sovereign: Seeking yield enhancement without local currency risk, diversified across 65+ countries.
  • Local currency: Conservative investment leveraging local market expertise to exploit inefficiencies.
  • Credit: Top opportunities in emerging corporate bonds, both investment grade and high yield.
  • Short-term: Broad exposure to EM bonds with shorter duration.
  • Flexible multi sector: Dynamic asset allocation across developed and emerging markets.


Amundi's EM significant expertise by segment - fixed income

Explore our dedicated EM research & insights

1. Source: Amundi. Platform AUM as at 31st December 2023 and Staff as at 31st December 2023. Information given for illustrative purposes only, may be changed without prior notice.