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We offer scalable end-to-end financial management and data platforms that empower asset managers, banks, and wealth managers to enhance their capabilities and achieve more impactful investment decisions.

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A new frontier for the financial industry

We developed and implemented a uniqueinvestment and distribution platform thanks to our Amundi top notch experts. We offer them to the investment industry.


These platforms are called ALTO and cover all major investment strategiesasset classes, and the entire front-to-back value chain driven by strong continuous research and investment.

A new frontier for the financial industry

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Who we serve?

Enhance your investment management with our best-in-class platform that combines robust software and expert services to support various asset classes and investment strategies.

Enhance your investment management

On-board your teams and clients on a core-to-digital wealth management platform

On-board your teams and clients on a core-to-digital wealth management platform. A solution that combines software and autonomous services to support all elements of wealth planning and investment strategies, including real assets.

Streamline your investment compliance and manage your depositary controls and investment duties with ease.

Streamline your investment compliance

Manage and oversight your assets

Manage and oversight your assets with an holistic view of your entire assets portfolio managed in-house or by investment firms, and compute advanced analytics and exposures.

Support client engagement and investment management at scale with our rebalancing engine and self-care digital journeys. We provide all features from a self-care onboarding journey to a fully industrialised rebalancing / proposal generation process.

Why Money Market Strategies?

Your trusted partner for technology and services

We empower clients with best-in-class platforms for the evolving financial industry

Manage all assets in a global end-to-end platform

Best-of-breed technology that fits your business requirements, with rich functional coverage across the investment management value chain and deep industry expertise

Wealth management enabled in a single platform

An end-to-end solution supporting client engagement and investment management at scale.

Manage savings and retirement schemes in a single platform

A scalable “Front-to-Back” employee savings and retirement platform for banking and insurance groups.

Invest with purpose and impact

Our cloud-based solution provides a single point of access for all sustainable data, transforming market analytics into unique ESG datasets.

A service providing cutting-edge capabilities

A solution supporting the business of Asset Servicers covering Investment Compliance Oversight, Portfolio Analysis and Reporting.

Harness the power of our ALTO technology platforms

€4 Tn

assets managed on ALTO platforms¹


clients including¹
Global Tier 1 Banks and Leading European Asset Managers


platform users globally¹

We empower financial professionals with technology and pave the way to success

Amundi technology Alto platform Single platform with one data language
Single platform with one data language
Amundi technology Alto platform Flexible solution
Flexible solution across all asset classes, highly configurable for client needs
Amundi technology Alto platform Fast and cost effective
Fast & cost-effective implementation approach
Amundi technology Alto platform Cloud-platform
Cloud platform with great interoperability guaranteeing infrastructure scalability and market connectivity
Amundi Technology Alto platform End to end capabilities
End-to-end capabilities across investment and wealth management
Amundi Technology Alto platform External data sourcing & quality control
External data sourcing & quality control included as part of the service

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Source: Amundi Technology figures at April 2024