Accompany the transition to a more sustainable, inclusive & low-carbon economy through our active dialogue with companies and voting at shareholder meetings.


Our stewardship approach to encourage positive change

Our commitment is to support issuers to adopt better practices

Reflecting our proactive interactions with companies, our engagement for influence aims to support companies in taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on specific themes.


We aim to ensure that the quality of our interactions and constructive dialogue with companies will help them to engage a positive dynamic and be a source of progress towards a stronger and more resilient business model.

Our commitment is to support issuers to adopt better practices

proactive interactions with companies

Our engagement is based on two approaches

We engage individually with issuers on a standalone basis via in-person meetings, phone or video calls, emails, formal letters or questionnaires.

We collaborate and engage collectively with our peers to help drive the conversation and have a greater impact.

In 2023, we engaged on 5 key priority areas along the E,S and G pillars:

Transition towards a low carbon economy

Natural capital preservation
Human capital & human rights

Client protection and social safeguards
Strong governance for sustainable development

Our 2023 engagement statistics1

Climate, Biodiversity, Social Cohesion & Good Governance remain our focus.
In 2023, we engaged with 2531 issuers (+20% vs 2022).

Responsible investing Amundi's engagement: Voting Statistics for 2023

    Our 2023 voting season - proxy voting key statistics1

    Our 2023 voting season - proxy voting key statistics

    Our voting leadership has been recognized by ShareAction's Voting matters 2023 report according to which we rank among the top 3 asset managers in terms of voting performance on environmental and social issues (up from 10th last year). 

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