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Partner with us to unlock the potential of our comprehensive trading services. Let us handle the execution of your trades, so you can focus on making informed investment decisions and achieving your financial goals.


Enhance your quality of execution and scale your trading capacity

Amundi Intermediation, our regulated entity dedicated to best execution is one of the leading provider of buy-side outsourced Dealing solution for all asset classes and geographies.


Our clients join a leading buy-side dealing community and benefit from the full services of execution.

Enhance your quality of execution and scale your trading capacity

Amundi dealing community

Our Key Differentiators



3.5 million

trades executed in 2020¹



Buy-side trading challenges

Over the last 10 years, market changes have led investment managers to reconsider their strategic approach to dealing. The impact of rising technology costs for trading infrastructure, operational challenges and regulatory obligations has increased fund managers’ interest in outsourced dealing.

The time, investment, expertise and size required today to evolve, grow efficiently within trading activities and to operate a trading desk is more and more challenging.

Market changes have led investment managers to reconsider their strategic approach to dealing.

Our key characteristics

We provide a centralised dealing desk giving access to all instruments, markets and geographical areas. The service is based on a Global Trading Operating Model (GTOM) with dedicated centres of market expertise by asset classes, providing a ‘follow the sun’ service on all markets and all asset classes.

We offer a worldwide coverage for all and deliver the best execution at the best cost.

We provide outsourced dealing services, in an agent model, ensuring a continuity in the relationship between the client and its counterparties, while leveraging our existing ecosystem of counterparties.

You benefit from our robust and proven infrastructure. We ensure regulatory serenity with compliance TCA & Transaction reporting. You benefit from a dedicated team for reporting and compliance.

We offer modular services

Scope of modular services provided by Amundi Intermediation
Best selection
• Strong and rigorous selection process of counterparties based on quantitative and qualitative criteria • Co-constructed with you through a yearly selection committee
Best execution
• Access to all liquidity pools & platforms ecosystem for execution • Best execution strategy ensured by senior dealers on each asset class and market
Trade processing
• Post-trade for matching and settlement instructions to custodians fully embedded within the dealing solution
• Operations and regulatory reporting on orders and transactions, including trading statistics, TCA reporting & RTS-28 • RCCA management fees payment

Unlock your financial potential

Amundi Intermediation key benefits in several activities: cost & quality of execution, client's fair treatment, technology, organization, and expertise.

Source: Amundi figures as of 31/03/2023