Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and ethical finance

Are you looking to give meaning to your savings? To encourage sustainable development and social entrepreneurship? Amundi uses these criteria to select companies for its SRI and ethical funds.  

Investing for both social responsibility and fund performance

There are two types of investment that promote good practices in sustainable development and seek solid answers to society’s challenges: Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and ethical investing.

SRI: Improving sustainable development

  • Fighting against global warming and corruption, fighting for human rights; our SRI funds invest in companies that demonstrate best practice in terms of environmental, social and corporate governance in their sector.
  • We offer SRI funds across all risk profiles; within bond, equity and money markets, and as diversified funds. In terms of employee savings and retirement schemes, we provide a complete SRI range, certified by the CIES (Comité Intersyndical Epargne Salariale) which monitors such savings schemes. 

Amundi is the first asset manager whose SRI approach is certified by AFNOR.

Ethical savings: sign up to a financial investment with a measurable social impact

  • Ethical savings finance organisations selected for their social worth. Across the world, they help women and men improve their daily lives through training, employment, housing, health care, etc.
  • In the social impact reports for funds managed by Amundi, you will find information about the projects we finance, the number of jobs created, the people housed and those who receive health care.
  • All our ethical funds are certified by Finansol . This certification guarantees the investment’s ethical status and transparency.

Key points about our SRI and ethical funds


to deliver SRI to the French market, with 78 billion USD under management1


SRI and ethical funds to choose from depending on your requirements1


manager to launch responsible savings 2, with nearly 1 billion USD under management1

1. Amundi data as at 30 September 2014. Will change over time.

2. Finansol, 2014: Focus on social finance.