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Amundi Real Estate, the dedicated real estate asset management subsidiary of Amundi (No.1 in Europe and one of the top 10 worldwide(1)), specializes in the development, structuring and management of real estate funds focused on the European market.  With €40 Billion under Management(2), it is the French Leader in terms of flows and capitalization for SCPIs and OPCIs for the general public(3). Amundi Real Estate relies on a number of distributors to its market products: banking networks, insurance companies, asset management advisors, private banks and online brokers. Amundi Real Estate is also developing a range of asset diversification products (forestry groups, winegrowing groups, etc.).

Responding to our customers' needs

Amundi Real Estate specialists offer investments that take into account the different needs of clients in terms of real estate investment:

  • the need for potential regular income,
  • the search for tax optimization,
  • or the desire for a diversified financial portfolio in order to reduce exposure to risk.

Key Points Of Expertise

Confirmed expertise in commercial real estate (offices, retail, logistics, hotels, etc.) and residential (new, to renovate, intermediate housing etc.)

Selectivity in Amundi Real Estate's acquisitions, depending on yield, technical condition, location, environmental performance

Amundi Real Estate's presence in the real estate markets in France and in Europe

Our Expertise in Figures

40 years

experience in real estate asset management(4)


more than 1100 portfolio buildings(4)

€ 40 bn

in assets under management(4)

Recognized and rewarded real estate


Prix de l'innovation 2013
Award for innovation in real estate funds in 2013

given by Opcimmo.

Palmarès Fournisseurs Gestion de Forture 2014
3rd place management company in 2014

for Amundi Real Estate in the category “SCPI Logement” in the  “Palmarès Gestion de Fortune”.

Prix société de gestion 2013
Award for the best range of real estate funds in 2013

given to Amundi Real Estate.

Pierre d'Or
“Pierre d'Or” in 2012 and 2007

by Immoweek in the category “Asset, Property, Facility Manager”.


Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

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1. Source: IPE "Top 500 asset managers" published in June 2021 and based on AUM as at December 2020

2. Source: Amundi Real Estate as at June 2021

3. Source: IEIF as at February 2021

4. Source: Amundi Real Estate as at 30/06/2020

This non-contractual information does not under any circumstances constitute an offer to buy, a solicitation to sell, or advice to invest in the UCITS, funds and SICAVs (the “products”) of Amundi or one of its affiliates (“Amundi”).

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Investing involves risks. The performance of the products is not guaranteed. In addition, past performance is not in any way a guarantee or a reliable indicator of current or future performance. Investors may lose all or part of the capital originally invested.

Potential investors are encouraged to consult a professional adviser in order to determine whether such an investment is suitable for their profile and must not base their investment decisions solely on the information contained in this document. All potential investors in the products are advised to ascertain whether such an investment is compatible with the laws to which they are subject and the tax implications of such an investment prior to investing, and to familiarise themselves with the legal documents in force for each product. Subscriptions will only be accepted on the basis of the most recent full Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document (KIID) of the product in question, its most recent annual and half-yearly reports, and its Articles of Association which can be obtained free of charge from the registered office of the management company.

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