Invest cash on a short horizon

As a leading European money manager with 181 billion euros under management,1 we seek to safeguard the capital and liquidity of your funds whilst ensuring our management process remains transparent.

Invest with the experts

Managing liquidity

  • Long-term cash management is usually characterised as having an investment horizon of between three months and two years, with a fixed or variable rate that depends on the maturity date.
  • We offer a wide range of products that cater for all our clients’ needs.
  • To manage the funds, the portfolio managers invest in short-term bonds issued by carefully selected issuers, certificates of deposit (issued by banks) and treasury bills (issued by companies).

Our commitments

  • Capital preservation

Our portfolio managers select only issuers that meet our high standards (governments, banks, companies) and choose a wide diversity of investment vehicles.

  • Liquidity

We offer daily liquidity as it allows us to invest quickly and flexibly in the right securities.

  • Expertise

Our dedicated money management team is supported by the complementary skills of both the strategy team, who forecast interest rates, and the credit analysis team who select the issuers. This successful management structure has in place for more than 20 years1.

Key points about Amundi's money management

  • Established management team, among the largest in Europe, with support from significant internal resources (strategy, credit research, trading desks)
  • Experienced managers with the ability to manage substantial flows
  • Effective tools to monitor risks and ensure a quick response to the markets.

1. Source: Amundi. Data as at 31 December 2018. Will change over time.