CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities

Investing today in tomorrow’s world

Disruptive companies are game changers. i.e. innovative companies which create a new market that can challenge and finally overtake existing business models.
Disruption has always existed. It is just accelerated quickly now thanks to the combined effects of megatrends: technological & social changes, globalization, technological revolution, environmental challenges.

Through a unique approach, Global Disruptive Opportunities taps into the superior growth potential of disruption on the long term.

A global & multisectorial universe

Disruption is everywhere and affects everybody. The universe brings together all business sectors through 4 dimensions according to their selling point:
- Digital Economy: bringing people closer together, sharing knowledge, saving time and reducing costs safety;
- Lifescience & Healthcare: improving medical research to increase quality and life expectancy;
- Industry 4.0: producing and distributing efficiently;
- Earth: renewing natural resources, producing green energy and feeding the world sustainably.

The management team analyzes 26 sub-sectors for a total of about 740 titles that are studied and assessed individually to obtain a portfolio of about 80 stocks. 

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